GCN Royalty BLK

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  • mask included
  • wool body/leather sleeves
  • red/yellow/green/black
  • stand-up collar
  • press-stud fastening
  • embroidered logo at the chest
  • logo patches
  • long sleeves
  • two side slit pockets



Our one of a kind letterman jackets made of wool body and leather sleeves comes stamped with Uniquely crafted embroidered logos that will build your confidence. Each logo is derived from African symbols known to awaken the true Leader spirit within.  Either choose the black and white trim or the majestic all black. Either way it will have you looking Majestic and feeling like the Royalty that you are.

Green Card Nation represents anybody that is looking to make a change in their life and understands that to make a difference in life and be YOUR BEST SELF, you have to sometimes travel to places and potentials within your self you have never been. 

“I am Originally from Ghana and my family moved to United States in the early 2000s for a better life. I saw the work ethic my family and other cultures that have migrated to the US have. They initially came here with Green Cards and combined with hard work and persistence became successful.”

Green Card Nation